Shanghai Suzy Miss Kat 90’s Cappuccino

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Shanghai Suzy Miss Kat 90’s Cappuccino

Shanghai Suzy Miss Kat 90’s Cappuccino, the 90’s is back with a vengeance and we are loving this look on our lips right now! Yellow-y brown based nude to flatter teeth and most skin tones. Infused with jojoba seed oil this Winter to avoid the typical dryness associated with matte lipsticks.

Non-drying. Fragrance: Grape Bubblegum

Application tip: For best results apply this lipstick heavily, we recommend three thick layers. Finish with a tissue blot between the lips to ensure that no product ends up on your teeth, and then seal with one final layer of product! This formula is highly pigmented and shouldn’t require much maintenance throughout the day/night if applied thickly. Lip prep: Matte and semi-matte lipsticks wears best on lips that are not prone to dryness or flakiness. For best results, gently exfoliate lips prior to application to ensure a smooth and even finish.

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